The NUMBER 1 Reason Your Hair DOES NOT GROW!

Posted on November 29 2018

The NUMBER 1 Reason Your Hair DOES NOT GROW!

African American women today tend to believe that in order to grow long hair it takes being gifted from God or some magical elixir or potion made in a lab with the complexity of Frankenstein.  So the question is asked....

Why are we as Black women unable to grow and retain hair length successfully? What am I doing wrong?


When it comes to the topic of African American women and hair growth, most of us will readily agree that its success runs from our grasps at every turn.  Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of how to change this paradigm.  Whereas some are convinced that hair growth is hereditary, others maintain that there is no hope for those that have tighter more course textures of Afro textured hair.  


Herbal Oils can be used to supplement the hair with many of the vitamins needed to reduce shedding and breakage.  See More...


 Science has revealed that Black hair tends to be more prone to dryness.  This dryness is the reason why our hair tends to become brittle and break more readily than other hair types.  

  1. According to WebMD iron deficiency has a very close link to hair breakage in African American women than many have realized in the past.  
  2. Whatever the cause of your hair loss...Lack of iron makes it worse!
  3. Iron deficiency may have a link to a woman’s menstrual cycle which may tend to increase the amount of breakage and brittleness of African American woman’s hair.

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Common Causes of Iron Deficiency:

  1. Inadequate Iron Intake, poor diet (Eat your green leafy vegetables, and no I don’t mean corn and green beans) corn green? Uh no!
  2. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (It means you are eating but still starving)
  3. Blood Loss during heavy periods (this could be blood loss during light periods if you already aren't eating green leafy vegetables on a daily basis)... No Corn is still not a vegetable (at least not green or leafy).

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  • Helen Jason: December 02, 2018
    I hadn’t had a period since 2013 due to removal of uterus. Will that effect my hair growth?
  • Alisa: November 30, 2018

    I have both oils and moisture butter and styling gel. All products are great. But my question is how do I use the oil on my scalp??? I think it’s too strong for my hair. What is a good way to use it? I like super ego better

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