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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 755 reviews
      Roberta Strong (Leonard, US)

      Great for extreme curly dry hair

      Kim Mazyck (San Diego, US)
      It's Back! Caramel Souffle

      The original formula is back and I love it. I find that I use less product because it last much longer than other products in my hair.

      Debra Clark (St Louis, US)
      Caramel souffle

      Excellent detangler. No more knots in my hair.

      mary pakoejoe (Houston, US)

      everything works great on my hair continue to purchase product

      Patricia Bond (New Castle, US)

      I can say a million words. But I’ll keep it as briefly as I possibly can. I love this product!!! It’s a match for my hair!

      EWalker (Rockville, US)
      Great product

      I’ve used the product on my 4c hair and it work great. I put it in a water bottle and spray my hair every two days curls are refreshed.

      Cynthia R (Waldorf, US)
      Awesome products!

      My 3c/4a high porosity hair loves this product. I was looking for a product to eliminate dryness and frizz. A quarter size of the caramel soufflé paired with about a nickel size of the creme brûlée mixed with the HD gel has my hair moisturized, frizz free and soft. The moisture lasted 7 days in my wash n go. On days 3 and 5 I added a little UDF curly magic for a little more hold and my hair looks and feels amazing! I will definitely purchase these products again!

      Staci (Brooklyn, US)
      Great product

      Love how my hair feels.

      darlini (Bayonne, US)
      Love the product....

      I've been using Caramel Souffle for a few years now. It truly helps to moisturize, without build-up and to keep the scalp itch at bay.

      The only complaint that I have is a recent change to the bottle.

      PLEASE bring back the spray-type bottle. In fact, I simply replace the knob on my bottle with a sprayer and it works like a charm.

      Robin Yancy (Springfield, US)
      Amazing Product!

      I love, love, love this. It moisturizes, smells like cookies, and works wonders on our hair. This product is obviously water-based because it's not thick or sticky. This is the best product line I've found for natural, thick 4c hair. No residue or buildup.