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      It's not that your hair is not GROWING... It's just BREAKING and SHEDDING just as fast as it grows! Our hair needs MOISTURE, the more moisture the better. 

      Our hair grows and detangles and hangs better when moisturized leaving a curl or coily and shiny hair pattern.  The Hydro-Max Co-Wash leaves your hair feeling nice and clean while not leaving your hair dry, lifeless and without moisture.

       Removes impurities without stripping hair.

      • Smooths texture of dry, damaged hair naturally.
      • KeraVada HydroMax CoWash naturally cleanses the hair using a special formula of herbal ingredients.
      • Your hair will be clean & infused with all natural moisture! 


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      I love these products. I am happy i found something after going through lots of products

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       Yalonda Jones bought HYDROMAX 2.0 CO-WASH: Awesome

      "I absolutely love this product"

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       Destiny Jordan bought HYDROMAX 2.0 CO-WASH:

      "I love this product!!My hair is mosturized and growing so fast. Thank you keravada."

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       Ayanna Vedor-McNeil bought HYDROMAX 2.0 CO-WASH: Great Products

      "I purchased the products for myself and then started using them in my entire family’s hair. Keraveda is now a must have household product in my home. I am interested in becoming a distributor"

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      Wonderful Natural Ingredients:

      Deionized Water, Olive oil pomace, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Castor oil, Aloe Vera, BTMS (Vegetable based Conditioner),  Conditioner SD (Anti Static Conditioner), Citric Acid, Olive Oil Squalene, Honeyquat, Argan Oil,  Vitamin B5, Sunflower oil, Methi, Bhringraj, Ashwanghandha, Neem, Amla, Shikakai, Tulsi, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Hibiscus,  Lemon oil, Ginger root oil, Lavender Oil, Chebe, Sweet orange oil, Tea tree oil, Rosemary oil, Clove leaf oil, lime oil, Bergamot oil, Optiphen Plus (Coconut based preservative), Mild Fragrance

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Great Moisturizing Co-Wash

I love how this cleanser detangles my hair and cleans it at the same time. I have long, thick kinky hair and must always use products that detangle; this co-wash did not disappoint. My only suggestion is that you sell it in a larger container. I had to use quite a bit to cover my hair so this bottle will probably only last for about 5-6 washings, so not sure this will be cost effective for me.


Love the product. We all use the line in my home and we all have different hair types which is nice.

Best Co Wash/Clarifying Cleanse

Finally, after using sooo many products for natural hair, KeraVada is now my source for daily maintenance. I’m using the Crystal clear clarifying shampoo, Hydro Max 2.0 conditioner, Creme Brulee curl enhancer/moisturizer and Pure HD gel hair growth. I’m a shy 70+ no longer texturing for a short soft sassy look. Price reduction has made it more affordable on a fixed income. Thank you KeraVada!!!👏🏾👏🏾

Moisture Galore!!!

Provides amazing moisture and defines ringlets. I absolutely LOVE this product. I highly recommend.

One of Best Co-Washes I've tried

I have tried all kinds of products for my 4B natural hair and these products are some of the best. The Co-Wash leaves my hair moisturized and smelling quite lovely once it's rinsed out. I use it after shampooing, apply it as directed, wait about 30mins under a shower cap & then risne

Gel and moisturizer

These are now my go to products. Thanks!

Best hair product

I have tried multiple hair products that did not work for my hair. Keravada is the best hands down. My hair stayed moisturized for up to 4 days and my curls are more defined and easy to work with. Normally I would use different hair products to accomplish a two day hairstyle then have to wash it out because my hair felt yucky. Not Keravada. I highly recommend Keravada and it definitely my choice of hair product. Not sure of my hair type but my sister says I have snap back curls lol. Meaning if you pull my curls they snap right back in place. Love it.I purchased the co-wash, the gel, detangling conditioner and moisturizer.


Awesome products!


I've been watching countless YouTube channels and mimicking process after process to no avail. FINALLY after over a year of trying numerous products I achieved the perfect wash n go on the 1st try with the gel and the creme brulee leave in. My 4b hair was left with beautiful curls, lots of shine, no stiff or sticky residue. Only negative is I wish the bottles were bigger. I re-wet my hair and apply more gel daily so one bottle only lasted approximately 10 days and I have short hair. Please consider making bigger bottles in the future. I absolutely love this product. I also received lots of compliments because of the scent.

Love the Cowash

Love the Cowash. It leaves my hair feeling clean and healthy with the Keravada regiment. Wished the bottles were bigger, but the quality is there!