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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 272 reviews
      Roberta Strong (Leonard, US)
      Luv Luv Luv

      Noticed after a week of using, my hair is less shedding. Wish they sold bigger bottles.. I have so much thick curly dry hair..

      Dee (Glendale, US)
      Kera 1010

      Awesome product I can see great results after 2 weeks

      erica ferguson (Marietta, US)
      Great product

      Very smooth on my hair easy to comb out . Make my hair feel full.

      AMc (St Louis, US)
      The Good Stuff!

      Love this product! I love the entire line! It’s a light weight product. A little goes a long way. It also reduced my shedding. I can definitely tell the difference. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

      Linda Byas-Barnett (Fairfield, US)
      Kera 1010

      This product is absolutely beyond amazing. When I started my journey with KeraVada, I had no hair on the right side of my head, thinning hair on top, and severely thing hair on the left side of my head. Today, I see lots of growth on my right side, my top is filling in and my left side shows marked improvement. I had given up hope. I was even considering shaving my head. KeraVada continues to give me hope.

      Letanya Merriweather
      Kera 1010

      I have tried products for my thinning hair right in the top of my head. I would see minimal results. It never grew as long as the other areas. I kept my hair low. Now I’m able to see that my hair is not coming out in my comb. It feels thicker and because of kera 1010 my hair is never dry. I purchased two bottles and I will make it a regular item I get.

      Cynthia Chambliss (Mequon, US)
      So far so good

      I have only been using the KeraVada oil about 2 weeks, however I do like the that it is not too heavy and it has a light scent to it; I would like to give it another month to see how it affects the thin spots in my scalp as I did not really have a shedding issue.

      Kim Whitmore (Orlando, US)
      I love this stuff!

      One of the best products I have yet to try since doing the big chop twice two years ago. It's something magical about the cream.

      Lady Moni (Hillside, US)
      Dying to see if it works!

      I purchased this for my mom and my girlfriend who has alopecia. My mom loves the lightness of the oil. She has only been using it for 7 days. I will report back the results after 30 days.

      Psuline Holt (Las Vegas, US)
      Very little shedding

      I think my hair shedding is a situation of the past. I am accustomed to my scalp itching as my hair grows. My problem spot for non hair growth actually itches. No complaints here.