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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 348 reviews
      Sharon Jennings (Bloomfield, US)
      Wonderfully marvelous!

      This is one gel that does not work like other gels. My hair is not hard and crunchy but soft and airy with no frizz. I love it!!

      Dawn Jordan Carey (Chicago, US)

      Since using the HD to enhance curls in my Mohawk I will never use another product because they do not compare!!

      Carolyn Clark (Charlotte, US)

      Love this product.

      Mia (Coraopolis, US)
      Silky defined curls

      I use the gel when twisting my hair. It leaves it so silky and with definition for days. I like the fact that the gel doesn't
      dry up like the traditional hair gels,with harmful ingredients. I now have a few bottles.

      K in Colorado (Conifer, US)
      No crispy ends

      I love it! I have tried others, more expensive, but this one allows the ends of my hair to stay soft and curly. Throwing out lots of other brands!! I will definitely look at more videos for ideas on how much to apply.

      Pamela Davis (Birmingham, US)

      Love this product. Tried it out for a month. The results are amazing. I’ve never had a defined curl pattern until now. Will be purchasing more of this product and sharing the product information when I’m complimented.

      Tonya Malloy (Blythewood, US)
      Love this ❤

      Curl without the crunch!

      Barbara (Charlotte, US)
      Silky Hair Curl

      When I first bought this product, I barely used it. When I did use it with the intentions of just using it up never to buy again, people started complimenting me on my hair. They thought my two strand twist looked good. Mind you, I don’t twist my own hair; I don’t know how to do that. Well, keravada hair curl creme proved me wrong. I got so many compliments about my twist, I knew it had to be the product and not my ability. Finally, I washed my hair, twisted with keravada curl again, and again I got compliments about my twists from others who did not compliment my hair before. After that, I was sold. I ordered two more keravada creme curl. It leaves my hair soft, silky, and wavy. It smoothes out my hair strands so that once I untwist the twists, my hair curls are longer, fuller, and softer. And most importantly, it isn’t sticky like the gels. I love the product. I’ll always keep an extra bottle in my hair product basket.

      Phyllis Satterwhite (Marshall, US)

      It has a wonderful shine and soft hold not sticky keeps has soft for days

      Danielle (Atlanta, US)
      Magic in a Bottle

      I never go without this product. The Pure HD Curl Defining Hair Gel is simply magical! My natural 3a/3bish curls stay tamed and full of moisture. Best of all NO FRIZZ! This gel is the only thing that works when I wear my hair natural. It allowed me to take a break on straightening…THANK YOU!