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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 740 reviews
      Cheryl Cox (Geneva, US)
      Defined curls

      This product have worked better than anything that I’ve tried in the past. I just love my soft curls

      Daria Porter
      Moisture and Curl Definition

      So happy I read the reviews!!! The reviews are correct. This is a first, a product that does what it says!! Please don't change the formulations, you can't improve perfection. I love the moisture level of my hair. I will recommend this product to all. Thank you so very much. Oftentimes products that really work are out of the price of the average consumer. One product can cost $50.00 and above. Fortunately for us Keravada realizes people are not made of money. This proves that you can make money and please the consumer. A win for the maker and the consumer. Thank you so much. You have a lifetime customer!!!

      Monica Carroll (Erie, US)
      Great product

      I used Keravada shortly after I went natural years ago and after trying many, many other products, this one does not disappoint my hair has definition, bounce and shine. I will most definitely make it my go to product from here on out. Side note: paired it with the Cream Brulé.

      Karmen Copes (Philadelphia, US)
      Soft soft soft defined curls

      Pure HD works. My curls are super soft and defined. My hair feels and looks great

      Margaree Lee-Gibson (Gordon, US)
      Great Product

      This is an awesome product! It has been great for my hair. It leases my hair very soft. It really defines my coils.

      Connie Walker (Natchitoches, US)
      Great product

      Great product, if you’re looking for a product to hold moisture in your hair this is what you need I put this in my hair maybe once or twice a week depending on if I wash it or not and my hair stays moist!

      Karen Davis (Berkeley, US)
      Great curl definition

      I like the way the curling gel brings out the curls, keeps my hair soft, and doesn't flake.

      Adrienne Winfrey (Dallas, US)
      Keeps my hair moisturized

      Only used once but so far my hair and curls have been popping and looks very moisturized its been 3 days since I've added any more products

      Sheila Johnson (Oklahoma City, US)

      I love this product, it keeps my hair moist daily. I will be ordering more.

      Darlene Wade (Fresno, US)
      Love It!

      I truly love this gel. My hair has natural tight coils and this gel adds total definition. It does not leave my hair hard and crunchy. Soft and manageable.