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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 343 reviews
      Donnie Smith (San Diego, US)
      These Products Deliver on MOISTURE!!!!!

      All of these products deliver. I tried the moisturizer first as I think that's what I needed the most. The part about it taking care of my scalp (and not just the hair) sold me. I think if there was a such thing as a 4Z hair, then I'd be on the cover. My hair drinks anything I put on it. But these products maintain their integrity. If you're thinking about trying it, try what you think you need most. Then after you get sold on it (and I know you will), then go back and get the rest of the products for support. You will not be sorry. I'm a fan and a forever client.

      Lucinda Lockett (Fort Worth, US)

      The Keravada PRODUCTS I have tried have been amazing, I shared the last purchase I made with my neice and she washed, conditioned, and oil her with the products and she loves them. I am glad I was introduced to them as well. Again very pleased and amazed! TY!

      linda pouncy (Grand Prairie, US)
      Clean and healthy feel.

      I cannot believe how clean and healthy my hair felt and the comb out was not as tangled.

      Judith R. (Hollywood, US)

      The shampoo is fresh and clean. No residue. No drying out. The scent is wonderful!

      Darlene Wade (Fresno, US)
      Love It!

      This was my first time using the shampoo. I heard that rice water was good for the hair. I can say by the third shampoo I noticed that my edges were growing out, not to mention my hair overall.

      LeTisha Underwood (Winter Garden, US)
      Love KeraVada

      I hated wash day until I tried these products. Now my hair is very soft, retains moisture and easy to detangle. Absolutely love it and not using any other product.

      marcicol (Dunn, US)
      Great product!

      Worth it!

      Rodney Chapman (Missouri City, US)

      Very good shampoo. Does not leave my hair feeling dry or stripped.

      Rodney Chapman (Missouri City, US)

      Very good shampoo. Does not leave my hair feeling dry or stripped.

      Patricia Brown (Grovetown, US)

      Love the Shampoo. The scent is not overpowering.