ROSEMARY MINT GROWTH OIL (Free w/purchase $55 or more}
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Mary Henderson (Steger, US)
      Absolutely Beautiful Results

      This product is so amazing. I didn't think my hair could get any softer since I had been using the other KeraVada products. KeraVada never ceases to amaze me, my hair is so soft and beautiful. I recommend all of their products. I hear people say that they are a little pricey, but I tell you it is worth every dime. Thank you Mr. Ware! ❤️

      Betty Burton (Atlanta, US)
      love it

      I like the way the oil heats up when you massage it into your scalp and I will be buying this again along with the hair grease.

      Gail Maxwell (Jackson, US)
      Rosemary Mint Scalp Growth Serum

      I will give this product a high rating, simply from the way it made my hair feel upon the very first use. Though I have not used it long enough to determine the full capacity of its performance as of yet, I am very pleased at how extremely soft my hair feels just from the very first application. From this result alone I felt compelled to give mine away to a very close friend, and so I ordered me another. Ihave been extremely pleased with every product of yours that I have tried. May you be blessed!

      Yvonne (San Diego, US)
      Rosemary mint

      I have tried the rosemary
      mint and I love it. It adds shine and feels great on my scalp.

      Jean Barnes (Pine Bluff, US)

      I have experience a positive change in my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

      SoCal Shopper (California) (Menifee, US)
      New Product In My Lineup

      Just got this product and used it for the first time this week. I have been using the Crystal Clear Cleanse, Deep Conditioning,Crème Brûlée Super Ego, Caramel Soufflé and the Rice Water Gel Rinse and the Growth Pomade with African Chebe. After trying them all I have decided that I only need to utilize 4 maybe 5 of the products to have a well rounded set of products for a solid hair routine.

      Nell Mewborn (Charlotte, US)
      Rosemary mint

      I love the way the oil doesn't weight my hair down and it smells so clean. I will be ordering it again. Love Love RoseMary Mint

      Loraine Scott-Duhart (Atlanta, US)
      This is about the product I purchased

      It’s a good product but the bottle is so small I purchased 2 bottles just started using when I apply it be tingly in which it works.