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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 557 reviews
      Vmcp (Dallas, US)
      Oil that's not too oily

      An oil that's not too oily and is helping my very thinning area that I refer to as the 'old man top' of the dome that women can also have.

      NICOLE HARDEMAN (West Palm Beach, US)

      I love it, this is the only product that I have was able to see results.

      RENEE A WILLIAMS (Richmond, US)
      Growth and recovery

      Using this product for about 3 weeks now. My hair no longer sheds, and is starting to grow and thicken.

      Eva Valentine (Baltimore, US)
      Best Hair Oil

      This is the best hair oil I have tried so far. When my hair had broken off due to braids, this is the only product that helped my hair grow back. I would not be without it. Try it! You will not be disappointed.

      Ruth Chambers (Tolleson, US)
      Best Products I've Used

      I really like these products. EGO feels very oily on your hands but not on your hair. All the grooming items leave your hair feeling very soft; even the gel does not give your hair that crunchy feel that you typically get with gels. And they smell so good.

      N Joy (Norfolk, US)
      Great for my itchy scalp!

      I have mild scalp psoriasis and using this oil after my scalp dries from washing works best at keeping itchiness and flaking away.

      Vicki Downton (North Las Vegas, US)
      Great product

      Although I've only been using it about a week and a half I do notice my hair is not shedding like it used to. Still working on the Alopecia part

      Gamine13 (Philadelphia, US)
      Love it but needs a nozzle

      Absolutely love this oil, but I don't know why the bottle changed? Bring back the nozzle for scalp application. This oil saved my scalp and ends. I just need a more convenient way to apply. Please bring back the nozzle🙏🏽

      Tanisha DuBransky (Dripping Springs, US)
      Super Ego

      I love this product, the feel, the smell are light and lovely. I ordered 2 bottles this time and was disappointed that I didn't receive an applicator tip for either bottle. Please keep sending the applicator tips!

      Brenda Turner
      Super Ego

      I do like the super ego. I just didn't get the top that I like. The one you screw open. I got the one that pops up . The narrow tip top please.