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      Yes! We Own Moisture

      Based on 9577 reviews

      This oil has no scent for some reason, but it seems to work pretty well for my thinning hair. I usually lose quite a bit daily, but for the past 2 wks I’ve been applying a small amount of this to my scalp daily/every other day & I’ve seen very little, if any, of my hair shedding 👀

      Happy Hair

      Rosemary Mint another great product from KeraVada. Love it on my scalp.

      I love this product has always promote growth in my hair ,hate the fragrance is gone but still like the product

      Order never received. Emailed KeraVada several times to let them know I did not receive my order, no one has ever responded.

      I liked the fact that it gave great hold as a hair set lotion/gel and my hair did not get too hard or dry.

      I think the Black Hair Growth has good information. It really emphasized the importance of nutrition, versus a quick fix.

      They have some really good products, they smell good, they work well with my hair & keep it healthy, shiny & moisturized.
      If you like your hair to look well cared for Kera Vada they will actually respond to your questions.

      Ordered Four Super Ego oils... And ALL of them are Congealed, to point, I'm unable to squeeze out of the bottle...
      I've written the company to request that this problem be rectified... Of course, no one has responded, much less reached out to me via email.
      I would like my money refunded... For
      I don't know what's in this 'oil' to make the consistency sooooo Thick!!
      Definitely returning this.... For it's useless...

      The only moisturizer that locks in my hair and has it soft and moist for 3 days

      Wild Growth Pomade w/Jamaican Black Castor Oil -Economy Size 2 oz

      Works absolutely the best for my daughter's hair

      Personally, I like the original formula, but this is okay.

      Wild Growth Pomade w/African Chebe (Shay-bay) - Economy Size - 2 oz.

      Love this product

      Love the feel and how soft it leaves my hair.

      It smelled different and not in a good way.

      Keeps my hair moisturized. Love the smell!

      Absolutely LOVE this product! It has helped my hair so much. It smells so good and leaves my hair soft. It also helps with detangling. Will definitely order again

      I got it thank you

      Great Information, help me understand what I needed to do to get my hair to grow back.

      Organic Dead Sea Mud Mask 5 oz.

      Feel great, but smell bad.

      I love how it makes my face feel and hold moisture .