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Love all of the products!!!!

I love all of the products!!!! Leaves my hair very moisturized. You only need to use a little bit of the product and I have a lot of hair. Co wash was great with the detangling. My hair was very curly with the crem brûlée. Received lots of compliments. I will continue to use.


I absolutely LOVE the products!! I have been waiting to try the Creme Brûlée for soooo long and hopped on it when the site had a 50% off sale...honey I am hooked! I use it on myself, my husband, and both my son and al have gained a loyal customer.

3 Day Moisturizer ***Great Product!!!

I have been using the Creme Brulee moisturizer for quite some time now, and finally getting around to posting a review. This 3 day moisturizer brings my hair to life, and the moisture is REAL! I love that AFRICAN CHEBE has been added. My hair craves this product, almost as if it were made just for me. Smells great also! I will continue to recommend to others. Thank you to the KeraVada Team ❤

Now I can save hundreds of dollars

So I used the Super ego, crem Brulé and the Carmel soufflé, some coconut oil and castor oil in mine and my daughters here to be honest it’s like my hair was dehydrated. from the first use my hair has just started to get shiny and that my curl pattern are like everything right now and growt.. I cannot wait for summer so I could wear my natural hair out.

I love keravada

I live in a really dry climate and it’s hard to keep my hair moisturized but with keravada my hair stays moisturized

First time

It's a great product and I love the moisture that it give my hair... Will buy more!😊


I love this gel. I have teeny weeny afro, and my coils pop instantly once I put this on my wet hair and I consider my hair to be coarse. I do, however, feel that it gives a better hold if I sit under the dryer to let my hair dry, with this on, rather than doing a wash and go. I like the fact that it doesn't make my scalp itch, like the other gels I've been known to use in the past. Don't ever stop selling this gel.


Best product ever! Only thing that lays my hair and edges without frizzing up!!!!! Please open up a shop or have your products sold more in southern Georgia beauty stores. This product is the best hands down


Love this product on my natural hair!!!!

Good Hair Gel

I was encouraged to try Ms. Jackie’s hair gel and was very disappointed, so I was a little apprehensive about trying Keraveda’s hair gel. The Aunt Jackie’s left my hair hard. However, Keravada’a Hair Gel combined with with the Creme Brûlée left my hair really soft!! I love Keraveda products!

I love this product

Has definitely made a difference. Keeps my hair moisturized.

The greatest moisturizer ever

Really love all of the Keravada products... They leave your hair feeling soft and moistured. Also, I really love the smell. Finally I've found a product that does exactly what it says. #veryhappycustomer😁😁

new product for me

Works very well love it will be ordering it again.

Great Products

I purchased the products for myself and then started using them in my entire family’s hair. Keraveda is now a must have household product in my home. I am interested in becoming a distributor... please advise.

Cream brulee

Very good for my wash and Go hairstyles my hair feels great. Thank you Keraveda

Amazing Products

My hair has never had so much moisture, body and extremely healthy since using Keraveda products!! I’ve fallen back in love with my hair and I’m so grateful!


I love how quickly the product arrived. It provides excellent moisture without making my hair feel heavy or look oily.

I love !

Thgh e best product I've used on my natural hair. I wish I can buy it locally. It already time to order more moisturizer.


These products never disappoint! I highly recommend to all my friends.

Amazing results

After years of breakage (and tthinking I was going to end uup bald) this oil put an end to it. I was so pleasantly surprised. I use it faithfully now.


The best product ever I have my daughter and my son all using right now and they love it thank you

I truly love this stuff

Out of all the products I have use in the past, this by far is the best moisturizer i have in my Collection. The moisturizer ready does last 3 or more days before you have to add more to your hair

Great Product

This the only product I now use. It makes my hair feel so soft and moisturized. It smells great too!