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      Yes! We Own Moisture

      Based on 9447 reviews
      Creme Brulee - 4 Day Moisture 8 oz.
      Sarah Smith (Tampa, US)
      Outstanding hair products

      Really love Keravads hair products, finally found hair product for 4C hair


      The Black Hair Growth Formula
      Karen Sherman (Manor, US)
      Very Informative Information

      I read the entire book and I found it interesting, informative, and very useful as I take on my hair journey. I knew a little about eating healthy but this book gives all the necessary information not only about hair health but also body health. I have had cancer twice and I am more conscious of my diet and after reading this book it is more of an incentive to take seriously what I need to put in my body. I highly recommend this book as it has helped me a great deal.

      Creme Brulee - 4 Day Moisture 8 oz.
      Janean C. (Charlotte, US)

      I love the Crème Brûlée product ! I really moisturizes my hair and brings out my curl pattern.

      Creme Brulee - 4 Day Moisture 8 oz.
      Katie Barksdale (Pittsburgh, US)
      Love this!!

      I was suffering with dry hair and this product provided moisture. I also love the scent!! This product is also made with ingredients I can read, and works on my 4c hair as well as my biracial daughter's hair

      Creme Brulee - 4 Day Moisture 8 oz.
      Cynthia Davis (Chicago, US)
      My Locs

      Your products provide the right amount of moisture and oil to my hair, the growth is unbelievable! I LOVE IT

      My Locs

      Your products provide the right amount of moisture and oil to my hair, the growth is unbelievable! I LOVE IT

      Creme Brulee - 4 Day Moisture 8 oz.
      Wansley Dennis (Decatur, US)
      Great product

      There is nothing else like it. I’ve tried many, many, many products. This really does leave my 4c hair moist.

      Travel size drink of water for thirsty hair

      4C bleached and colored thirsty hair. If you need a drink of water for your hair this is great for that thirsty hair and it's travel sized. What a good deal.

      Oil that's not too oily

      An oil that's not too oily and is helping my very thinning area that I refer to as the 'old man top' of the dome that women can also have.

      Make up remover

      Removes and cleans very well

      Best on the market

      This is only moisturizer that manages my thick 4C hair. The twist outs after using the product in everything

      Pure HD - High Definition Curl Defining Hair Gel 4. oz
      NICOLE HARDEMAN (Lake Worth, US)
      Curls Curls Curls

      It have My Curls Curling, this is the only product that does what it says on my 4c hair.

      Creme Brulee - 4 Day Moisture 8 oz.
      NICOLE HARDEMAN (Lake Worth, US)
      My New Favorite Moisturizer

      I Love it, my hair has never been this soft.

      The Best Hair Products

      I use the entire Kervada Products on my hair and have done so for many years. I recently gave out of my products and used some other leading name brands. My hair looked ok but did not have the soft natural feel or the long lasting curls that I get with Kervada. I could not wait until my box of Kervada products arrived. After using Kervada my curls looked awesome (even that area that doesn’t curl with other products) and it felt soft and natural, not hard, crunchy, or sticky. I discovered Kervada many years ago when I started to loss hair and had a bald patch that was getting larger. Today my hair is growing, no baldness, and is beautiful.

      Moisturizes this 4c Hair!!!

      This is one of the only products that moisturizes my 4c hair effectively. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and creme brulee. My hair has become more manageable and I am retaining length

      Rosemary Mint - Hair Growth Serum 2 oz.
      Mary Henderson (Steger, US)
      Absolutely Beautiful Results

      This product is so amazing. I didn't think my hair could get any softer since I had been using the other KeraVada products. KeraVada never ceases to amaze me, my hair is so soft and beautiful. I recommend all of their products. I hear people say that they are a little pricey, but I tell you it is worth every dime. Thank you Mr. Ware! ❤️

      Pure HD - High Definition Curl Defining Hair Gel 4. oz
      Linda Cunningham (Rochester, US)

      Curl ‘s it does what it says !

      Crystal Clear Moisturizing Shampoo
      Linda Cunningham (Rochester, US)
      Perfect balance shampoo

      It left my hair with a nice balance of feeling soft and fresh.

      Great leave in

      Great detanger love the way it moistures my hair


      Crème Brûlée is the best moisturizer for my hair. Since the pandemic I have tried product after product to achieve adequate moisture in my natural hair and I found it in Crème Brûlée! The non greasy formula works wonders. And the 4 oz size is perfect for traveling. Please do not ever stop making this moisturizer.

      Pure HD - High Definition Curl Defining Hair Gel 4. oz
      Rhonda Jordan (Fort Worth, US)

      Awesome product, doesnt make my hair crunchy!!!!

      Wild Growth Pomade with African Chebe

      I like the consistency of this product. It’s not heavy. Leaves my hair moist and soft. It also has a pleasant aroma.

      Rosemary Mint - Hair Growth Serum 2 oz.
      Betty Burton (Atlanta, US)
      love it

      I like the way the oil heats up when you massage it into your scalp and I will be buying this again along with the hair grease.

      I love it, this is the only product that I have was able to see results.


      Perfect size! I wasn't sure how this would do in my locs so I purchased a travel size bottle. I have only been loc'd a little over a year and thought, why not! Love these products