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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1556 reviews
      Cynthia Davis (Chicago, US)
      My Locs

      Your products provide the right amount of moisture and oil to my hair, the growth is unbelievable! I LOVE IT

      Tameisha (London, US)
      Best on the market

      This is only moisturizer that manages my thick 4C hair. The twist outs after using the product in everything

      Tracy O
      The Best Hair Products

      I use the entire Kervada Products on my hair and have done so for many years. I recently gave out of my products and used some other leading name brands. My hair looked ok but did not have the soft natural feel or the long lasting curls that I get with Kervada. I could not wait until my box of Kervada products arrived. After using Kervada my curls looked awesome (even that area that doesn’t curl with other products) and it felt soft and natural, not hard, crunchy, or sticky. I discovered Kervada many years ago when I started to loss hair and had a bald patch that was getting larger. Today my hair is growing, no baldness, and is beautiful.

      Linda Cunningham (Rochester, US)
      Great leave in

      Great detanger love the way it moistures my hair

      Katrina McRae (Washington, US)
      Best Detangler

      I love this product, I am natural - wash & go and I use this product to detangle and pre condition my hair before washing. It takes me @15/20 minutes max to comb thru! I have a lot of hair when straightened shoulder length!!

      Lo Lo
      Love Love Lovr

      These products leave my 4c hair softer than any products I've tried, and I tried lots. I've come back to KeraVada products for good. My hair deserves the best!

      Kimberly Brooks (Syracuse, US)
      The best

      This is one of the only leave in conditioner that moisturizes my hair for more than a day. It can be pricey.

      Tonia L. Davidson (Angier, US)
      Best Ever!

      Love the caramel souffle! I use it with my Pure HD and my hair stays moisturized all week! I love all the Keravada products but this one is my favorite!

      Teresa Rucker (Bolivar, US)

      This caramel leave in conditioner & moisturizer, is a good product, it leaves my hair soft to the touch with moisture.

      Gigi (Dallas, US)
      Really nice

      It’s not my number favorite but definitely number 2 I will reach for this product anytime. Testing it two could it become my number 1