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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Nadine Jones (Glen Allen, US)
      Hair grease & pomade.

      This product is wonderful. Helps my twist outs to hold my curls for days. Not messy. Hydrates my scalp. I love this product.

      Dorothy Williams (Houston, US)
      "The Best Hair Grease Ever"

      This is the best hair grease I have ever used.
      It makes my scape feel so good, keep it moist and my hair is so smooth and manageable.
      I love it.

      DIANADA MCKNIGHT (Powder Springs, US)
      My new favorite!!!

      I used the pomade last night on my scalp and my hair was so moisturized!!!!!! Thank you so much for coming up with this product!!! I have been a Keravada girl for years and you never disappoint!

      Garrett Campbell (Hephzibah, US)

      Very great for your hair. 100% will help your hard hair to become more softer. Great job Keravada!

      kim lucas (Jersey City, US)

      This by far is your best hairdresser . The smell is amazing . Some products smell as if they were made with coffee . However this doesn’t insult my olfactory gland .

      Monica Scott (Los Angeles, US)
      Love the Pomade

      It smells devine as always.Does what it says. My hair always responds good to these products.

      BOBBY EATON (Milwaukee, US)

      what does it supposed to do my curls is straight now not tight like it was also the rice water change the texture of my hair it not curly anymore it straight a little wave , it change it is going get my natural curly back

      Dara Woolfolk (Charlotte, US)

      I love all your hair products

      Silvia Kelley (Alexandria, US)
      Hair grease

      I just washed my hair with all my kervada products. Then I added my hair grease and I blow dried it. My hair is so soft and manageable. I love this new product. It is great for my hair. I give it 5 stars. I will be purchasing some more. Thank you Mr. Ware for creating this grease.