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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Jannie Molyneaux (Columbia, US)
      Excellent product

      This Product is excellent, I used to have a itchy dry scalp. no more, My hair have grown down pass my shoulders, It is no longer brittle and dry. I have recommended so many people to order this product. My South Carolina, NY City family and friends. We love the product. Been using this product about two or more years. The best product on the market. All natural hair. I have no chemicals in my hair. I will continue to buy this product. I like ordering direct from the company. Quite convient,

      Tracy O (Murphy, US)
      Another Winner

      I have used all KeraVada products for many years. When I first discovered the product my hair was breaking and shedding in an abundance: I was balding and nothing helped. Now my hair is long and healthy, so I tried the Rice Gel and thought “wow they exceeded my expectations once again”. I followed the instructions as I do for all of their products to get amazing results. After the first use my hair felt soft and stronger. Oh and I thought the growth I noticed was my imagination, but when I got comments about how my hair have grown from people who see me all of the time. This winner is a keeper. I am tempted to use it every wash week, but for my hair I think it is better for me to use twice a month. Thanks for producing high quality products that actually works to make our hair and scalp healthy.

      Dana B. (Harvey, US)

      I used the Rice Water Gel Rinse on my client who's experiencing a lot of shedding. I followed the instructions for use and left it on her hair for the suggested time. When I touched her hair again before rinsing, the strands felt more stronger or seemed like the hair was in better shape already. Then I deep conditioned with Moisture Max DP. I think these products will help with the health of her hair. I use the Creme Brulee and I absolutely love it! Nothing makes my hair softer or even manageable like it.

      Mary T (Atlanta, US)
      I love it!!

      I've only used it once thus far but can say I love the way my hair felt after using it. Very manageable, felt soft and my hair was super clean without the feeling of being stripped(I did not let my hair dry before adding products, the Keravada daily leave in is amazing, I'm sure that contributed to not feeling dry). I'll have to continue using it to see how it works long term, for now, I'm happy and would recommend!!!

      Ken Curry (Van Nuys, US)
      I love this product!

      I love what this does for my hair but I have also been using this on my face.

      It leaves my rough face glowing and firm yet smooth

      Rice water has been used in Asian beauty rituals for centuries to achieve glowing and smooth skin.

      Rice water can be used as a natural toner and it's effective for making skin soft and smooth.

      Brenda Cooper (Fayetteville, US)
      Great product

      It helps my hair and love this product.

      Jacqueline Jordan (Charlotte, US)
      Great product

      Very satisfied with the rice water rinse. I recommend this product will buy again.

      Sabrina Robinson (Woodbridge, US)
      Love it!!

      Im trying to order more

      T. Hines (Virginia Beach, US)
      Time will tell

      Questionable first impression. Bottle was slightly opened when I got it. Said a prayer and used it anyway. Great smell. But didn't leave a heavy smell in my hair. I like that. Second question impression...hair felt hard/stripped after rinsing out. However after moisturizing, my curls felt really good and full. I have a lot of hair but it's fine hair and product always weighs it down but not this time. I'm on 3rd day hair and it looks and feels great. Thicker than usual and it's holding moisture better. No allergic reaction so far. That's an issue for me. I'll be using again.