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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews

      This oil has no scent for some reason, but it seems to work pretty well for my thinning hair. I usually lose quite a bit daily, but for the past 2 wks I’ve been applying a small amount of this to my scalp daily/every other day & I’ve seen very little, if any, of my hair shedding 👀

      Debra Clark
      Happy Hair

      Rosemary Mint another great product from KeraVada. Love it on my scalp.

      Mary Henderson
      Absolutely Beautiful Results

      This product is so amazing. I didn't think my hair could get any softer since I had been using the other KeraVada products. KeraVada never ceases to amaze me, my hair is so soft and beautiful. I recommend all of their products. I hear people say that they are a little pricey, but I tell you it is worth every dime. Thank you Mr. Ware! ❤️

      Betty Burton
      love it

      I like the way the oil heats up when you massage it into your scalp and I will be buying this again along with the hair grease.

      Gail Maxwell
      Rosemary Mint Scalp Growth Serum

      I will give this product a high rating, simply from the way it made my hair feel upon the very first use. Though I have not used it long enough to determine the full capacity of its performance as of yet, I am very pleased at how extremely soft my hair feels just from the very first application. From this result alone I felt compelled to give mine away to a very close friend, and so I ordered me another. Ihave been extremely pleased with every product of yours that I have tried. May you be blessed!