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      How To Properly Use Natural Hair Care Products Part 1

      How To Properly Use Natural Hair Care Products Part 1
      Many women make the switch to using natural hair products and run into a few bumps and then give up! Using truly all natural hair products, is different than using their chemical laden counterparts. So, if you have tried to use shampoo bars, water based leave-ins, and conditioners and haven’t had much success read on to find out what may have been the problem!

      Don’t Mix and Match: Meaning, you can’t use chemical laden conditioners with natural shampoos. Natural shampoos are gentler than commercial shampoos. Although, they do clean, they aren’t made to clean off silicones and other non-water soluble ingredients. These ingredients are in moisturizers and are made to cling to the hair strand and usually need sulfates to be washed off.

      Find The Right Shampoo: Using the proper shampoo is one of the most important steps (IMO, anyway) in a healthy hair regimen. When looking for shampoos be sure to read the ingredients and make sure that your shampoo matches the other products in your regimen. Keep in mind, gentler shampoos usually work for women who use less products.

      Might Have To Layer Products: When using natural moisturizers, some people find that they have to moisturize their hair more often. This can often be due to the high water content in some moisturizers. For watery leave in sprays, having to apply them everyday is not uncommon. This doesn’t mean they don’t work, it just means you either need to seal them in with an oil or use a heavier cream. Remember, water is a great moisturizer but, it leaves the hair quickly if not  properly sealed into the strand.

      Hope this helps you choose some great products for your hair! Remember to read labels and match products with your regimen!

      Look out for part 2!

      Do you use natural hair products? If so, how do you use them and what have you learned?


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