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      Growing Your Hair Faster (Advanced Guide)

      Growing Your Hair Faster (Advanced Guide)

      Did you know your hair is always growing, even though at times this may seem as though it is a far cry from what you see in the mirror?  


      The amount of hair growth you see depends on 3 Key Factors: 

      1. Your Hair Care Regimen

      2. Your personal hair growth rate (Genetics)

      3.  Your ability to retain length (Keeping what you grow)


      If you are wanting to get maximum growth then it would be best not to focus on one individual factor but to focus on all of the factors that you can control. 

      While many women love to brag on their genetic predisposition to grow longer stronger hair, this is only 1 factor contributing to the overall growth of your hair.  Let's take look at one that you can control.


      Your Regimen:

      If you are having problems with breakage or shedding, then any hair that you grow will be lost in the process.  This is even worse if we don't care for our hair when it is in the early stages of its growth, which may lead it to break later (awww..).


      If you decide to consistently utilize heat, hair dyes, tight styles, shady growth products, trim too aggressively or perform other activities that could affect your length retention, then you may cause a setback and quite possibly make it even more difficult to reach your hair growth goals.  


       To retain length use scalp nourishing products.  These products should create an environment of health so that when the hair is in its early stages it remains healthy so that when it reaches its point of maturity it is less prone to breakage or shedding. 


      (See Article: Hair Growth Starts at the scalp)  Either way, most African American women tend to have hair that grows about a half-inch minimum to a maximum of 1 inch per month (rare).


      How long it takes you to get to that ideal styling length for that perfect hairstyle you have been watching in the latest YouTube videos will depend on how well you retained that growth.  

      So bare in mind, the length of your hair may not be a testament to how fast your hair is growing but it may just reflect the products you use (or do not use) in your regimen leading to how much hair you keep.

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