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      Low Porosity: Solve Your Low Porosity Problem!

      Low Porosity: Solve Your Low Porosity Problem!

      Have you been wondering why your natural hair products do not seem to work in "ONLY YOUR HAIR"  even though everyone else seems to raves about them?  Your problem may be low porosity.

      1.  Clarify your hair. Low porosity hair is prone to having product build up. Build up + shingle tight cuticles = sad dry hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove the build up and give your hair a fresh start.

      2. Bentonite Clay has been well known to help remove product build up that has come from using chemical based products on African American hair.  If you are unable to avoid use of chemical products you will want to clarify your hair before using natural products as your regimen.

      3. Condition with heat/steam. It is important to open your cuticle a bit to deep condition your hair properly.  Any good moisturizing condition can be a deep conditioner.  By using heat you are assured that the cuticle layers will lift so the interior of your strands are moisturized.


        A Good Moisturizing Conditioner can be used to deep condition Just ADD HEAT!


      Use Indirect Heat.Apply deep conditioner or herbal oil to your hair, covering it with a cap (be sure it is made to withstand heat) and applying indirect heat via hooded dryer.

      Use Direct Heat. This is done by applying deep conditioner to your hair and using direct heat from a hair steamer.

      Note: Many find these two methods to work wonders. No matter which way you decide to go it is important to deep condition your hair. Once a week is fine for most. Be sure to do so at minimum biweekly to yield the best results.

      Want more info?  Go Here: Facebook Natural Hair Lounge

      Use greenhouse/baggy method. The method is done to create a humid environment that forces your hair to absorb moisture. The process is pretty simple. Moisturize your hair as you normally would, cover it with a plastic cap and a beanie/snug fitting hat/hair turban/towel. You can leave your hair wrapped up overnight. You will notice, when you remove the outer layer, that the plastic cap has water droplets inside of it. The droplets form because of the heat rising from your head.

      Natural Hair Care For Toddlers, The Easy Way!

      Natural Hair Care For Toddlers, The Easy Way!

      Be Careful Toxic Ingredients targeted at black women

      Be Careful Toxic Ingredients targeted at black women

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