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      How Do I Know If I Have Low Porosity Hair?

      How Do I Know If I Have Low Porosity Hair?

      Do you find that you are moisturizing your hair religiously, but to no avail? Have you become the ultimate product junkie in an attempt to save your strands, but nothing seemed to work? It may mean your hair has a deeper issue: Low Porosity!

      What is Low Porosity?

      The porosity level of hair determines how well your hair is able to absorb and retain moisture. Overly porous hair can have a hard time retaining moisture. Even with the popular moisturizing products African American hair types, hair still has problems retaining moisture. Lack of moisture isn’t the only drawback to having overly porous hair. Hair that is highly porous also absorbs heat faster than hair with low or normal porosity levels. That means your hair is more prone to heat damage.



      What Can Cause Low Porosity in Hair?

      Improper thermal straightening techniques, excessive heat (blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, pressing combs, etc.), relaxers, and color applications can all cause low porosity hair. Also as some of us age, certain hormonal changes take place that may also affect the density, texture and porosity of our hair.

      How to Check Your Porosity: 

      How many of these symptoms of low porosity do you have?

      A. Hair appears straw-like and dry even after moisturizing.

      B. Hair has a tendency to air dry faster than normal.

      C. Hair feels “rough” to the touch.

      D. Hair more prone to excessive tangles and matting even though your ends are trimmed.

      E. All the Above

      Still not sure? Take the Strand Test!

      • Take a few strands of clarified shampooed hair and place them in a glass of water. Hair that remains on the surface for a long period of time before sinking to the bottom has LOW porosity. The hair has difficulty absorbing moisture.
      • Hair that drops to the middle of the glass has NORMAL hair porosity. Hair absorbs just the right amount of moisture.
      • Hair that drops to the bottom of the glass has HIGH porosity. There are big gaps in the hair cuticle! High porosity hair is severely damaged and can be spongy at times, not really capable of the right moisture retention levels. Hair that is highly porous is especially prone to breakages.

      Natural Remedies to Fix Low Porosity Hair

      A. Find the Right Products: Find a product line that has the right formulation for low porosity hair. The products should contain ingredients designed to penetrate the hair. Look for products that contain honey or glycerin. The penetrate the hair much easier than products containing oil.



      B. Apply Products when Wet and Warm: Heat raises the cuticles. When the cuticles are raised oil and moisture penetrates far easier.

      C. Dilute your conditioner with a little water: When you add water to your conditioner, it makes the conditioner more absorbable. This will increase the likelihood of the conditioner penetrating the hair.

      D. Regularly deep condition your hair: Deep conditioning will aid in your hair retaining moisture. However, to enhance  absorbing moisture, it may be a good idea to use a steamer, heat cap or hooded dryer when you do the deep conditioning (

      E. Prepoo your hair: Use oil, a mix of oils or a conditioner containing oils or butter. Prepooing with oils and butters for low porosity hair. It creates softness, slip and weight, helps reduce frizz (Roots to Curls).

      What are some things you do to manage your low porosity hair?

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