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      Steps in Preventing Shrinkage

      Steps in Preventing Shrinkage
      Try one or a combination of these techniques to help prevent shrinkage!
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      Shampoo hair in braids: Not only does this help prevent tangles, and make styling a breeze, it also helps prevent shrinkage because your coils are kept in an elongated state while cleansing.
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      For thicker twists, clip roots with metal duckbill clips: Thicker twists tend to give Image result for medal duck clipsmore fullness, but you run the risk of extreme shrinkage because there isn’t enough tension on your roots to keep them from shrinking.  For those days you are craving big hair, secure the roots of your twists with metal duckbill clips to keep the roots from shrinking. For thinner twists, clip ends with metal duckbill clips: Thinner twists may yield more definition overall, but they can also cause shrinkage as well. Secure the ends of each twist with a metal clip or roller to help elongate the twist as it dries. The result should be hair that is longer with more definition.
      Braid hair into four cornrows and allow to air-dry until slightly damp: If you have extremely springy, coily, hair; it may be necessary to up the ante and Image result for four cornrowsair-dry your hair before styling. For best results, cornrow the hair because it applies the necessary amount of tension that ensures you retain as much length as possible as it dries. {be careful not to apply too much tension on your scalp} – Once the hair is slightly damp, take down the cornrows, and twist or braid the hair as usual.
      Dry hair in large bantu knots: Drying hair in large bantu knots is perfect for those that Image result for drying hair in bantu knotsare challenged in the cornrowing department, as all it requires is a bit of twisting. Drying hair in bantu knots yields the same benefits of cornrowing, only it leaves your hair curly instead of crinkly.
      Twist/Braid hair, then sit under a hooded dryer for 40-60 minutes: You can alwaysImage result for Twist/Braid hair, then sit under a hooded dryer twist or braid hair per your usual styling routine, place metal duckbill clips on the ends of each twist and sit under the dryer. The metal clips will help keep your hair elongated while your hair dries. Using heat also helps your hair dry before it has a chance to shrink completely. For the health of your ends, please use end papers in between your clips and your hair if you decide to use this method as the metal tends to get warm. – End papers and metal clips can be found in most beauty supply stores near the color isle.
      If you always experience an enormous amount of shrinkage, opt for braid outs instead of twist outs: Braid outs yields more length because of the amount of tension applied on your hair as it is braided. Because of this tension, your hair does not shrink much as it dries. Image result for braid outs
      Product Recommendations For Wet Twisting/Braiding  
      While there are many products out there that do a wonderful job at moisturizing hair, providing great hold and definition, I have found these the best at curl elongation.
      Aloe Vera Gel: Add a few heaping dollops of Aloe Vera to your favorite product to increase its curl elongating benefits. Not only does adding Aloe Gel stretch the amount of product, but it adds moisturizing benefits as well.
      Eco Styler Gel: This has easily been one of my favorite products of the year because of it’s versatility [I can use it for twist outs, wash and go’s and sleek buns], and because of how well it elongates my curls. I use this primarily for twist outs, and it gives me definition and more length versus any other curl cream I have tried to date.
      Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding: This is one of the first curl creams I have tried, and one I always go back to when I’m in a pinch and need something quick and effective. Curly Pudding gives me great curl definition [when used as a creme to twist hair], and also helps out a bit in the elongation department.
      Product Recommendations For Dry Twisting/Braiding
      Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia: {formally known as hair milk}: I used this in the first picture on damp hair and it was amazing. It hydrated my hair without causing it to revert, and it provided some hold and protection against the chilly NY weather I was in. I have been experimenting with many products to use for “dry-damp twist outs” but this is definitely the winner.
      Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Leave-In: Another one of my favorites, this moisturizes my hair without causing it to revert, and makes a nice product to twist dry/damp hair with.
      What do you do to beat shrinkage?
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